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The Two Heads of China and Belarus Witness Zoomlion Project Initiating in the China-Belarus Industrial Park


On the morning of May 12th, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko witness Zoomlion started work on its plant at the China-Belarus Industrial Park in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. The two heads of state attended a ceremony that witnessed Zoomlion and the other first group of companies being granted to conduct businesses in the park.

Zoomlion has been involved in construction of other overseas industrial parks in the past and is among the first Chinese companies to move into the park. The industrial park has attracted total investment of US$ 30 million and is expected to achieve sales revenue of US$ 300 million in two years' time. Zoomlion's official arrival at the China-Belarus Industrial Park marks a bold step taken by Zoomlion to fulfill China's national "One Belt and One Road" policy by getting involved in local operations overseas. 

In an interview, Zoomlion Chairman Zhan Chunxin told Belarusian state television that Zoomlion will make full use of the regional and platform advantages and industrial base of the China-Belarus Industrial Park and integrate the company's advanced R&D and manufacturing technology to create an R&D and manufacturing base on the Silk Road economic belt that covers Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The park has total investment of US$ 30 million and is expected to achieve sales revenue of US$ 300 million in two years' time, which will directly create 500 local jobs. 

The China-Belarus Industrial Park has a total planned area of 91.5 km2, with an area of 8.5 km2 set aside for the first phase of the project. Zoomlion's base in the industrial park will cover 13.34 hectares, and the first phase will involve construction of a local R&D and manufacturing base for concrete machinery and construction lifting equipment. The second phase will further enable the localization of R&D and production operations and involve expansion into environmental and sanitation machinery as well as agricultural machinery. 

With the platform provided by the China-Belarus Industrial Park, Zoomlion will be well placed to offer its high-quality equipment and customer service to customers in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. On the one hand, Zoomlion will be able to provide high-quality equipment that meets local market demand by integrating local R&D and manufacturing resources with its model for localized operations. On the other hand, the company will seize opportunities offered by the industrial park to integrate resources and more actively promote localization of its platform, marketing network, service network, and production bases, and optimize its financial services program and logistics solutions. 

The China-Belarus Industrial Park and China's "One Belt and One Road" strategy offer Zoomlion the chance to actively transform and upgrade its business and develop more globally, and continuing to promote innovation in its technology, systems, and business model will accelerate the company's development.